Continuous Energy Crisis Committee.

An organization that promotes nuclear power and supports the companies that comprise the global nuclear industry. It has members coming from all parts of the nuclear fuel cycle including uranium mining, uranium conversion, uranium enrichment, nuclear fuel fabrication, plant manufacture, transport and the disposition of used nuclear fuel as well as electricity generation itself. Together, the members are responsible for the world's nuclear power as well as most of the world’s uranium conversion, enrichment and production. Here we give you the chance to channelise this abundance, the right way.

World Atomic Energy Efficiency committee.

Amidst all the noise and the lies, one shall find repose in ink. Ink shall keep one afloat, so let it glide and make magic. This is where ink flows freely giving way to the freedom of opinion and expression. They mediate explanations to the public about what the organization does and why. Apart from reports, we believe When you have a camera in hand you must know no fear”. Photographers are the most important people in a conference. They are a part of the International Press team and work alongside reporters by providing them with appropriate photos for their assignments & capture all the moments of the committee to which they have been assigned, both in the formal and informal sessions. Now, Keep calm and snap on!

European Council for Energy Development.

India's energy requirements are enormous, and the demand is growing but our resources arelimited both in physical and financial terms. It is a long-term imperative that these resources are exploited optimally. Established in October2001. This committee is perhaps the one and only organization in India which represents the energy sector as a whole. The Forum provides a platormfor applied knowledge to ensure a brighter future.

Indian Energy Forum.

This is an independent body which can be considered as one of the most important in today’s world. With increase in global warming in recent years, the members of this committee have an important role to play. Their sole purpose is to advise the Governments and Devolved Administrations on emissions targets and report progress made in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for climate change. To achieve this motive some strategic priorities need to be set.

Committee on Climate Change.

A Crisis Committee at heart which doesn’t really follow the usual Model UN rules and procedures. The objective of a crisis Committee is to solve or terminate an evolving quagmire. The delegates can influence the predicament to a degree by sending orders to their assets. While playing the role of a Head of the State or whatever role you have been assigned, let your imagination run wild – make declarations, form alliances, declare a war, plot assassination/abduction etcetera (well within your boundaries though!).

International Press

Kavya has established herself as one of the brightest talents associated with the International Press. She is renowned for conducting arresting Press Conferences; she has also written few of the most delightfully creative pieces in recent times. Having won multiple awards as a reporter, she now looks to lead the International Press with her own vision.

Better known as Logi, she is a third-year Sociology student at Stella Maris, Chennai. She has attended over 15 MUN conferences in the capacity of a delegate, a photographer and an Executive Board member. Her vibrant and artistic photography helps her capture your too good to be true moments with ease. If she's not with her camera, you'd find her re-watching episodes of Naruto or practicing in the boxing ring. As someone who has an eye for the raw reality of life, Logi also actively devotes her time to spreading awareness on ecological and societal issues.